White Night Stands
Have you ever entertained the idea of having breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning, complete with pancakes, fruit, orange juice and coffee? A highly romanticized ideal, many have most likely encountered the problems that may come with having a meal in bed. The bread crumbs, spilt coffee or juice, sticky bedclothes from syrups and jams, just to name a few. Finding a solution in avoiding this messy situation while enjoying the idea of having breakfast in bed isn't as far-fetched as one would think. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, the nightstand.

Essentials to the bedroom, nightstands provide a mini storage space for your reading material, in addition to documents you'd like to keep handy by your bedside, address books and even jewelry. Nightstands even provide a balanced aesthetic for any bedroom, especially when purchased in pairs and placed on either side of the bed. However, not too many people are aware of the fact that some nightstands provide extra amenities such as a pull-out tray for cups of coffee, newspapers, or even, breakfast.

The Santa Lucia Nightstand from Eco-Furniture is a prime example of the kind of nightstand we're describing. In addition to the three drawers and British campaign influenced design, this nightstand prides itself in the sweet little hidden feature of a pull-out tray.

Nightstands are generally small pieces of bedroom furniture, which will most likely mean that you'll only have enough table top space for one table lamp and possibly a picture frame. Like table leaves for dining tables, pull-out trays for nightstands add extra space without compromising on the overall design and original application of the furniture piece. Another great element about these pull-out trays is the fact that they're self-storing, quite possibly the only trait that dining table leaves cannot share with these nightstands.

So before you get up and make a spectacular meal fit for royalty and bring it back to bed, think about getting a nightstand that offers either a large table top or a pull-out tray. It could save you a lot of clean up, frustration and anxiety, and it'll balance out the look of your bedroom