Jewelry Armoire With Mirror
Jewelry Armoire With Mirror Online

A jewelry armoire is one of the most versatile units that you should have as a fine jewelry collector. The cool thing with the armoire is that it's able to accommodate a wide range of items. It's also able to preserve the items in one compact place. SONGMICS Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Standing Jewelry Armoire Organizer with Mirror LED Light, Brown.

Types Of Armoires

There are many types of armoires that you can go with. The most common ones are:

Wall Armoires: These are shallow units that are mounted on a wall and resemble a medicine chest. They come with hooks, drawers and a mirror at the back of the swing-door. You can hang your jewelry on the hooks or put the jewelry in the drawers. These armoires come in different designs depending on the manufacturer.

Dresser-Top: They are designed to sit on top of a dresser, vanity or desk. They are usually 20-30 inches tall and come with a vertical stack of shallow drawers and swing-out doors where you can hang your necklaces. There are some that have ring trays. In most cases, the top flips up to reveal a mirror.

Floor: They are freestanding and reach about 48 inches tall. They extend all the way to the fall or in some cases they are elevated on long, skinny legs. They have, earring holes, ring pads, pincushions, hooks for necklaces, and drawers for bracelets. There are others that come with additional storage areas. For example, there are those that come with storage spaces for scarves.

Factors To Consider When Making The Purchase

For you to buy the right jewelry armoire you need to consider a number of factors. Some of these factors that you need to consider include:

Size: how big is your room? Since armoires come in different sizes, you need to find the right armoire that will fit perfectly in your room. In addition to considering the size of your room, you also need to consider the number of jewelries that you have. If you have a lot of jewelries you should go for a large armoire.

Illumination: these are the mirrors and lights in the armoire. To make it easy for you to identify the different pieces even at night, it's wise that you go for an armoire with enough lighting.

Security: how secure is the armoire? To protect your jewelry you should go for an armoire that is secure. For ideal results you should go for an armoire with an electronic security system.

Armoire is a storage cabinet used for keeping things such as jewelry to help with organization of small items or valuables. These standing mirror armoire cases provide a stylish looking piece of furniture for the bedroom. Choose from several colors, such as white, black or cherry wood. 

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